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Vacuum Tube

Vacuum Tube

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Any solar water heater's engine is the solar collector. Solar vacuum tubes have traditionally been the most efficient solar power generation devices, but they have also been the most costly. However, the rising demand for solar energy, along with current manufacturing processes, has brought down the cost to the point where vacuum tube technology offers the highest return on investment when compared to any other solar collector system.

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Data Sheet

Vacuum Tube structure - All-glass double deck co-axial structure

Type - 58-18

Color - Blue

Diameter - 58mm

Length - 1800mm

Heating source - Solar Energy

Usage - Solar water heater

Glass material - High borosilicate 3.3 glass

The coating material of the tube - CU/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN

Sediment method - Three target magnetron sputtering 

Absorptivity -  0.92-0.96(AM 1.5)

Emission ratio - 0.04-0.06(80°C± 5°C)

Vacuum degree P ≤5.0 ×10-3 (PA)

Stagnation temperature (temperature inside of the empty evacuated tube) - 260-300°C

Hail resistance - Φ25mm

Pressure-endure - 1MPa

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