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Solartech Co Ltd is a dynamic and innovative company based in the beautiful island nation of Mauritius. With a focus on harnessing the power of the sun, Solartech provides sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to its clients.

Whether it is through the installation of solar water heaters for residential and commercial properties or the design and implementation of large-scale solar farms, Solartech is dedicated to promoting a cleaner and greener future. With a team of experts and a commitment to excellence, Solartech is the ideal partner for anyone looking to embrace the power of solar energy.

 Low-Pressure Diagram

High-Pressure Diagram

high pressure diagram

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Low Pressure Data

Model - Low Pressure 

Inner tank - SUS304L Stainless Steel 0.5mm 

Diameter - 360mm 

Outer tank - SUS304L Stainless Steel 0.4mm 

Diameter - 470mm 

Support frame - Aluminum frame with Anti-Corrosion Coating - +-2mm 

Insulation - 55mm imported polyurethane from Germany (BAYER)

 Tube - Three-target Infrared borosilicate glass 1.6mm thick

 Tank Capacity - 150Lts / 200Lts / 300lts

 Total Capacity - 180Lts / 240Lts / 360Lts

 Tube Quantity - 15 tubes /  20 tubes / 30 tubes

 Tube Diameter - 58mm

 Tube Length - 1800mm

 Slope angle - 20 Degree

High Pressure Data

Model - High Pressure 

Inner tank - SUS304L Stainless Steel 0.5mm 

Diameter - 360mm 

Outer tank - SUS304L Stainless Steel 0.4mm 

Diameter - 470mm 

Coil - Copper 

Support frame - Aluminum frame with Anti-Corrosion Coating- +-2mm 

Insulation - 50mm imported polyurethane from Germany (BAYER) 

Tube - Three-target Infrared borosilicate glass 1.6mm thick 

Tank Capacity - 200Lts / 300lts 

Total Capacity - 240Lts / 360Lts 

Tube Quantity - 20 tubes / 30 tubes 

Tube Diameter - 58mm 

Tube Length - 1800mm 

Slope angle - 20 Degree

Free Gift - Electric Heater

Low Pressure Principles

Low-pressure solar water heaters provide several benefits to both the customer and Mauritius. The client benefits from a cheaper electricity cost, while the country benefits from less power production, which results in less pollution. ‚Äč

A solar water heater is basically composed of a panel mounted on the roof, a tank, and, in some circumstances, an element, which ensures that hot water is available anytime it is required. Solar water heaters can be useful in both residential and commercial/industrial applications. ‚Äč

As thermal collectors, vacuum tubes are used in our Low-Pressure solar water heaters. This double-sided glass tube has a vacuum between its two glass layers. To absorb the sun's UV rays, a spray coating is often added to the inside glass layer.

Water fills the vacuum tubes and warms them up by collecting UV light from the sun. The vacuum converts the ultraviolet photons to heat. As the water heats up, the warmer water rises and is progressively replenished by cooler water stored in the cavity of the storage tank. The hot water will then flow gravitationally to your shower/tap.

High Pressure Principles

High-pressure solar water heaters function similarly to low-pressure models, with the exception that they produce significantly higher water pressure in your showers and taps.

A cold water pump is generally used to power a high-pressure solar water heater (pre-heated). The vacuum tubes heat the hot water storage tank, which is supplied with cold water (same working principle as the low-pressure). ‚Äč

Water pressure from your water pump (1HP suggested power) will pass through the copper coil found within, which will then be heated by the hot water in the storage tank. The pressure of the hot water flowing from the coil will be the same as the pressure of the cold water that is then provided to your shower/taps.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


180lts¬†is suitable generally for a family of 2-3 persons. It can supply up to 4 persons if you live along the coast and using it only in the shower (No lavabo, Kitchen)‚Ä謆

240lts will provide enough water for a family of 4-5 persons and it can supply to your kitchen taps and lavabo. 

360lts¬†is the option that you need for a family of 6 persons. It¬†can supply hot water to your bathroom, kitchen, and lavabos.‚Ä謆

P.s No matter how many bathrooms/showers you have in your house, the capacity of the solar water heater depends on how many persons will use it on a daily basis.


The following is the guarantee for our solar hot water system (hereinafter referred to as the solar system): 

‚ÄĘ Tubes and Heat Pipes:¬†15 years¬†from installation date - Free replacement of faulty tubes and heat pipes (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

¬†‚ÄĘ Frame:¬†7 years¬†from installation date ‚Äď Free repair of damaged manifold and frame (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

¬†‚ÄĘ Solar Water Tank:¬†7 years¬†from installation date ‚ÄĒ (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

¬†‚ÄĘ Electric booster:¬†1 year¬†from installation date ‚Äď (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

¬†‚ÄĘ Assistant tank and Float Valve:¬†12 months¬†from installation date (Transport & Labour will be charged to owner)

The company's responsibility under this guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of any part or sections of the solar system, at the company's discretion.

This guarantee excludes abuse, accident, or failure caused by poor installation, severe or unfavorable water conditions, or efforts to repair the system by anyone other than our licensed technician or service agent.

The warranty only covers the solar system and does not cover any plumbing or electrical components such as pressure and temperature relief valves, air valves, float valves, stop cocks, non-return valves, electrical switches, pumps, fuses, and so on.

  • When a non-pressure solar system is linked directly to a pressure supply (such as a water authority main pressure line, pressure pump, etc.) rather than to an open circuit header tank, as is the proper installation method.
  • Accidental damage, acts of God (cyclonic weather), failure due to abuse or poor installation, and efforts to repair the system by anyone other than our licensed technician or service agent are not covered.
  • Where it is discovered that there is no problem with the system, where there is no flow of hot water owing to a poor plumbing installation rather than a defect in the system or components, and where there is a failure of water supplies.

Subject to any legislative restrictions to the contrary, claims for damage to furniture, carpets, walls, foundation, or any other consequential loss caused by system leakage, either directly or indirectly, are not acceptable.

  • Where the solar system has been installed and/or operated without being filled with water.
  • Where the damage was caused by a cold water influx into the system via the hot water pipe
  • Where the unit has been relocated without the agreement of our company.

There is no guarantee on the vacuum tubes (except manufacturing defect)

IMPORTANT (When using electric booster)

Before using hot water, ensure sure the electric booster is turned off for safety.

All water connections from the main supply to the cold-water intake, as well as from the hot water output to the hot water distribution lines, MUST BE MADE WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE INSTALLATION DATE.

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