Water Tank Grant Scheme

Water Tank Grant Scheme


Provide grants to low income families for the purchase of water tank of capacity 400 to 1000 litres.

New Provisions as from 01 July 2019

As announced in the 2019/2020 budget, Government has increased the grant from Rs 5,000 to Rs. 8000 to also cater for the purchase of a domestic water pump. The eligibility income threshold has also been increased to Rs 50,000.
Accordingly, as from 1 July 2019, families with a gross family income of Rs 50,000 are eligible for a grant of Rs 8,000 to purchase a water tank and a domestic water pump. An applicant may also opt to apply for a water tank only but the grant will be limited to a maximum of Rs 5,000.

Criteria for Eligibility

‚ÄčGross family income should not exceed Rs 50,000 per month. Family income includes income of applicant, spouse and other working adults living under the same roof.¬†Old age pension, (that is, the Basic Retirement Pension),¬†is not included in the computation of the gross family income;


The applicant should be aged 18 years and above; 

  • The applicant should be the owner, landlord or tenant provided that the building where the water tank is installed is a principal place of residence, that is, the primary location where the applicant resides most of the time.
  • The house where the water tank will be installed shall not be owned by a government authority/ local authority.
  • The applicant should be the purchaser of the tank and domestic water pump.
  • Each family will be eligible to only one grant for the purchase of one water tank and one domestic water pump.
  • The applicant should be a registered customer of the Central Water Authority
  • Applicants on the Social Register are automatically eligible for the grant and are not required to produce any proof of income.


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Procedures to apply for a grant

1. The applicant must complete, sign and submit an Application Form which can be collected from any of the Central Water Authority Customer Service Office or Citizens Advice Bureau Office.

2. Application Forms should be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • copy of the pay slip/s of applicant and applicant's spouse and any other working adult in the household, (where applicable);¬†
  • copy of national identity card of the applicant and spouse (where applicable); and¬†
  • copy of applicant's marriage certificate¬†where applicable.¬†

‚Äč3. The completed Application Forms together with all relevant supporting documents shall be submitted to any Central Water Authority Customer Service Office nearest to the applicant's place of residence.

Note: incomplete Applications Forms will result in delays in the processing of the application for a grant.


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Processing of Application Forms 

1. The applications and supporting documents are verified by the Central Water Authority for completeness and submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities for further processing. 
2. All applications are examined and approved (or otherwise) by the Water Tank Grant Scheme Committee which is chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities. The other members sitting on the committee are representatives of the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity, the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection, the National Empowerment Foundation and the Central Water Authority. 
3. Once an application for a grant is approved, the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities will issue a Letter of Approval to the applicant who is given a period of three months to purchase the water tank and water pump.  In case an application is rejected, the applicant is informed accordingly in writing.  

Note: Applicants who do not receive a reply within two months as from date of application should report the matter to any of the Central Water Authority Customer Service Office.  

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Loss of Letter of Approval 

In case an applicant loses  the Letter of Approval, he/she should report the matter either to the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities or to the Central Water Authority Customer Service Offices nearest to his/her place of residence; 
The applicant may be authorized to make a new application after having signed a statement at the Central Water Authority.

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