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Water Tank Grant Scheme 2023 2024

Water Tank Grant Scheme

Des nouveaux critères pour le « Water Tank Grant Scheme »

Water tank grant scheme


Le gouvernement a pris la décision de mettre en pratique la mesure de soutien pour l’achat d’un recevoir d’eau potable et pour les pompes à eaux.


Cabinet has agreed to review the following criteria for the provision of a water tank and a domestic water pump under the Water Tank Grant Scheme, as announced in the 2023/2024 Budget:

(a) an increase in the provision of the water tank storage from “at least 400 litres” to “1,000 litres or more” for a quantum of Rs 10,000;

(b) an increase in the grant for the purchase of domestic water pump from Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000;

(c) the supplier for the water tanks would now be required to provide the beneficiary under the Water Tank Grant Scheme with some essential fittings for an amount of Rs 1,000;

(d) households which had already benefitted from a grant for the purchase of a water tank under the existing scheme would not be eligible under the new scheme; and

(e) applications which had already been processed and approved under the existing Scheme by the Development Bank of Mauritius, and in respect of which applicants had been informed, would not be eligible to apply under the new Scheme.


The Scheme

The scheme is operated by the Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd (DBM).

The scheme provides for a grant for purchase of a WATER TANK, supply of essential fittings and WATER PUMP, to be installed and delivered at the principal residence of the applicant.

The grant of Rs 15,000 is meant only for applicants drawing a gross monthly household income less than Rs 60,000 and will be treated on first come first serve basis.

The grant is meant only for purchase of a new WATER TANK and WATER PUMP from a supplier of WATER TANK-PUMP registered under the scheme with DBM (Registered Supplier).

The new WATER TANK shall have a minimum tank capacity of 1,000 litres or more for a proposed price of Rs 10,000, together with essential fittings for an amount of Rs 1,000 and A Domestic WATER PUMP where capacity would be 0.5 HP and grant element would amount to Rs 4,000. Consideration could also be given to provision of solar powered water pump.


Eligibility of Applicant

To be eligible for the grant,

The applicant must be aged 18 years or over.

The applicant or spouse (if applicable) must be (a) the owner of the residence where the WATER TANK will be installed and (b) the official CWA customer of the said residence.

The applicant can also be a tenant of the residence where the WATER TANK and WATER PUMP will be installed. An updated rent book, together with recent CWA Bill, ID Card of owner and a letter from owner must be produced

The applicant or spouse (if applicable) or any other occupant of the residence where the WATER TANK and WATER PUMP will be installed must not have already benefited of a grant under any WATER TANK Grant schemes.

Applications which have already been processed for previous schemes and where coupons have been issued, households will not be eligible to apply under the new scheme.

The grant shall be used for the sole purpose of benefitting from the installation of the water tank and water pump.


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Fatehmamode Hussein calendar_today

l have made an application since one month for a water tank as per the water tank scheme 2023 2024 , up to now l have not received any reference No.
Please let know if you have received my application.

Kind regards


ANIS calendar_today


May I know the deadline to get the grant.

Thank you.

Rajshree Narayen calendar_today

I would like to Apple for dbm Grant to purchase water tank…fitting and pump

Eléonore Michel calendar_today

Je voudrais savoir comment faire pour faire la demande pour un réservoir d’eau et une pompe

Navindranath Beedassy calendar_today

I am married but separated with my wife not yet divorce how can I apply for the water tank grant.

Please advice.

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