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Silicone ring

Silicone ring

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Solar Water Heater Silicon Rings are made of 100% environmental protection silicone rubber and is extremely durable. They are used to seal the vacuum tube of solar water heater.

Traits of our silicone ring: 

  • Made of 100% environmental protection silicone rubber
  • Perfect sealing performance, heat-resistant, and extremely durable

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Data Sheet

Material - Silicone rubber

Size - 58mm 

Colour- White

Shore A Hardness (A) - 48~56

Tensible strength - ≥ 6MPa

Elongation pull off - ≥ 250%

Service longevity - ≥ 15 years

Operating temperature - -40°C~225°C

Low temperature brittleness - Not cracking under -40°C

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