Duraco Compost bin 250L

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Revolutionize your approach to organic waste management with our advanced Compost Bin. This meticulously designed bin is more than just a receptacle; it's a sophisticated system engineered for optimal composting efficiency.

Key Features:

1. Secure and Odor-Free: The Compost Bin comes with a meticulously screwed cover, ensuring a secure seal that prevents spills and eliminates unwanted odors. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells in your composting area.

2. Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality linear low-density polyethylene, this compost bin guarantees durability and hygiene. It imparts no taste or odor to your compost, maintaining its purity throughout the decomposition process.

3. Accelerated Decomposition: The opaque design, coupled with strategically placed side holes, creates the ideal conditions for the rapid growth of micro-organisms. This accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, producing nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

4. Robust Two-Piece System: The compost bin comprises a sturdy drum and a well-designed base. This two-piece system ensures user-friendliness and durability. The drum is equipped with recessed handles, while the wheeled base makes turning and mixing your compost effortless.

5. Effortless Transfer: Making composting convenient, the bin is designed for easy transfer of compost to your container. Its user-centric features simplify the entire composting process, from decomposition to utilization.

6. Eco-Friendly Living: Embrace sustainable living by incorporating our Compost Bin into your routine. Reduce waste, enrich your garden, and contribute to a healthier environment.

This Compost Bin isn't just a receptacle; it's a commitment to eco-conscious living. Transform your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost effortlessly with our thoughtfully designed and feature-rich composting solution.

Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
885 590 885

What can be recycled?

Recyclable Materials

Non-Recyclable Materials

Sawdust and wood chips Shiny paper
Matte paper, newspaper (in small pieces) Glass
Carton, wrapping paper (in small pieces) Plastic
Tissue paper Treated wood
Flowers, grass, leaves, weeds Poisonous plants/weeds
Fruits, vegetables (peelings, small pieces) Meat, fish, bones
Tea (leaves, teabags) Fats, milk products
Coffee (ground) Human or animal waste

1: How does the Compost Bin work?
The Compost Bin utilizes a sophisticated design with an opaque exterior and strategically placed side holes. This creates the perfect environment for micro-organisms to thrive, expediting the decomposition of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost.

2: Is the Compost Bin easy to use?
Absolutely! The bin is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It consists of a robust two-piece system – a drum with recessed handles and a wheeled base. This design makes turning, mixing, and transferring compost a breeze.

3: Does the bin prevent odors?
Yes, the meticulously screwed cover ensures a secure seal, preventing spills and eliminating unwanted odors. You can compost without worrying about unpleasant smells.

4: Can I use the compost in any garden?
Certainly! The compost produced in our bin is nutrient-rich and suitable for all types of gardens. It's a sustainable and eco-friendly way to enhance your plants' growth.

5: How is the Compost Bin environmentally friendly?
Crafted from high-quality linear low-density polyethylene, the bin is eco-friendly and imparts no taste or odor to your compost. By reducing kitchen waste and creating nutrient-rich compost, you contribute to a healthier environment.

6: What is the warranty on the Compost Bin?
Our Compost Bin comes with a guarantee of quality and durability. If you encounter any issues, please refer to our warranty policy for more details.

7: Can I compost all kitchen waste in this bin?
Yes, you can compost a wide range of kitchen waste, including vegetable peelings, fruit scraps, coffee grounds, and more. Avoid composting meat, dairy, and oily items for the best results.

8: Is assembly required for the Compost Bin?
No, the Compost Bin comes ready to use. Simply place it in your chosen composting area, and you're all set to start transforming your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost.



Product Type: Water Storage Tank
Tags: Compost bin , Composting , Duraco
Vendor: Duraco

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