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Pre-Order Now - Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks
Pre-Order Now - Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks
Pre-Order Now - Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks
Pre-Order Now - Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks
Pre-Order Now - Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks
Pre-Order Now - Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks

Solar Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU

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🌞 Sunpal Recreate Series Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner: Elevate Your Cooling Experience

Welcome to a new era of intelligent and sustainable cooling! The Sunpal Recreate Series Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner goes beyond the ordinary, offering an unmatched synergy of cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness.

🌐 Advanced Technology, Superior Performance: Our air conditioner is equipped with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) controller and frequency driver, paired with smart sensors and an algorithmic control circuit. This dynamic system adjusts the unit's capacity in real-time, ensuring optimal performance as conditions change.

Solar-Powered Excellence: Every electrical component, from the high-efficiency DC compressor to fan motors and solenoids, runs on DC power. Thanks to Solar Direct Drive Technology (SDDA), the unit prioritizes solar energy, operating independently or alongside AC power. Say goodbye to excessive electricity bills

Solar Air Conditioner

What is it?

ACDC Hybrid solar air conditioner is different from regular air conditioner and off-grid solar energy system. In short term, Sunpal ACDC Hybrid solar air conditioner requires no inverter to convert DC to AC, nor batteries to store the solar energy and then power the A/C unit. The air conditioner converts the energy produced by the solar panels in real-time to supply the whole unit without the grid. In the absence of sunlight, the system will automatically switch back to grid power.

How does the solar powered air conditioner working?

For Sunpal solar powered ac unit cooling system, it has 3 running models:

1. Pure solar energy: On sunny days, the solar air conditioner can be powered solely by the solar panels. The maximum speed/capacity of the air conditioner is automatically adjusted according to the solar energy.

2.Solar energy & Grid power: When sunlight is weak or during cloudy days, when the solar panels produce less power for the air conditioner, the system will take the solar energy as the priority choice, and the grid or electricity network for the insufficient energy. In this case, the solar air conditioner can run in the maximum speed all time.

3. Grid power: At night, there is no sunlight, no solar energy, the air conditioner needs to be supplied by the grid. In this case, the solar air conditioner works similarly to a regular air conditioner, but thanks to the VFR FULL DC INVERTER technology and R32 Gas, our A/C unit work with high efficiency, with SEER, up to 26. So even without the solar panels, our solar air conditioner can save up to 20-35% on your energy consumption compare with regular A/C unit.


Technical Data


Power Supply

Solar System V DC90-380V
Maximum Solar Charging Current A MAX. 15A
AC Power Connected V 180-240V(50/60Hz)


Cooling Capacity

Capacity Btu/h 12000
Inverter Capacity Range Btu/h 3482-13561
Power Input Kw 1.06
Rated Current (AC) A 4.28
SEER Btu/w 25
Refrigerant R32


A/C unit configuration

Dehumidification pt/h 1.3L/h
Indoor Air Flow - (Hifan) cfm 690
Indoor Noise dB(A) (Hifan) dB(A) 38
Max Refrigeration Pipe Length ft/m 15
Max Refrigeration Pipe Rise/Fall ft/m 5
Design Pressure psig 600 / 345
Connection Type flare
Connection Wiring AWG 4*18AWG
GMCC DC Drive Mode Rolling Rotor Type



Dimension(W*D*H) mm 850x190x292
Packing(W*D*H) mm 910*265*350
Net/Gross Weight kg 9.2/12
Dimension(W*D*H) mm 795×290×555
Packing(W*D*H) mm 910×400×630
Net/Gross Weight kg 31/35



Eco-Friendly Operation: Reduce your carbon footprint with a system designed for sustainability.

Cost-Efficient Cooling: While the initial investment may be slightly higher, experience substantial savings with a 60-80% reduction in yearly electricity bills.

Simple and Efficient Setup: No need for complex batteries, inverters, or controllers – just the air conditioner and a few PV panels.

💡 Advantages Beyond Cooling: Sunpal Recreate is not just a cooling solution; it's an investment in a cleaner and more economical future. Enjoy a simple setup, intelligent performance, and significant savings while contributing to a greener planet.

Embrace innovation, embrace sustainability – Sunpal Recreate, where every cooling moment is a step towards a brighter and eco-conscious tomorrow. 🌬️🌞

✔️ 5 Years Warranty on Compressor

✔️ 1 Year Warranty on other parts

1: What makes the Sunpal Recreate Series unique?

The Sunpal Recreate Series is a Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner designed for optimum performance using Solar Direct Drive Technology. It runs on solar energy, reducing electricity bills and environmental impact.

2: How does the solar-powered system work?

The air conditioner utilizes Solar Direct Drive Technology (SDDA), prioritizing solar energy. All electrical components, including the DC compressor and fan motors, run on DC power, providing efficient and eco-friendly cooling.

3: Is there a need for batteries or inverters?

No, the Sunpal Recreate Series operates without the need for batteries or inverters. The system comprises only the air conditioner unit and a few PV panels, simplifying installation and maintenance.

4: What are the advantages of using this Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner?

  • Environmental Impact: Reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly operation.
  • Cost Efficiency: Experience significant savings with a 60-80% reduction in yearly electricity bills.
  • Simple Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free setup without the need for batteries or complex inverters.

5: Can it run solely on solar energy?

Yes, during sunny days, the Recreate Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner can operate using 100% solar energy without relying on AC power.

6: Does it require additional components for installation?

The system is designed for simplicity. Beyond the air conditioner unit and PV panels, no additional components like batteries or inverters are needed.

7: How does the system adapt to changing conditions?

The VRF controller and frequency driver, coupled with smart sensors, enable real-time adjustments to the unit's capacity based on changing environmental conditions.

8: What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?

While the initial investment may be higher, the Sunpal Recreate Series offers substantial long-term savings, making it a cost-efficient and environmentally conscious choice.

9: Is it suitable for residential use?

Absolutely! The system is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, providing efficient cooling with a focus on sustainability.

10: How can I order and install the Sunpal Recreate Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner?

Contact us on 52515321 to pre-order your solar air conditioner.


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