When water from a solar installation is delivered to your house by gravity, pressureless solar water heaters are classified as "low" pressure. This means that no matter what pressure entering into the system, it will still flow out of the outlet by gravity and reach your house.

A high pressure solar water heater (pre-heated) is generally supplied by a cold water pump. The hot water storage tank is fed with cold water and is heated by the vacuum tubes (same working principle as the low-pressure).​ Hot water is kept inside the storage tank and water pressure coming from your water pump (1HP recommended power) will go through the copper coil found inside, which will then be heated by the hot water in the storage tank. The hot water coming from the coil will have the same pressure as the cold water, which is then supplied to your shower/taps.

No. If you don't want, for any reason, to drill on your roof, you might need to have some concrete slabs ready before the installation of the solar water heater. Our technician installs the blocks, and adjusts the distance and orientation of the solar water heater. Because Mauritius lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the solar water heater must face north for best performance. 

The continual flow of water in the system causes corrosion, which leads to the failure of the solar water heater. Dry out the heater while not in use to maintain it rust-free for a longer length of time. Because of the collectors' continuous use, vegetation growth and dust accumulation might become a source of worry. As a result, it must be cleaned on a regular basis. This shall be undertaken by a highly qualified person with experience in solar water heaters. Contact us if you need more assistance.

Solar water heaters may be used in any weather. The amount of solar energy available at the location influences performance, but so does the temperature of the water entering the system. Only during the rainy season will you require a traditional backup system (Electric). Water temperatures can reach 80-95 degrees Celsius on sunny days.

A 180-liter system, the usual size of a three-to-four-person household, may save 0.4 to 1.0 tonnes of CO2 per year. Reduced carbon dioxide emissions (one of the primary greenhouse gases) can assist to reduce the rate of global warming.

Our technician will have to replace the broken tube. If water is pouring out of the system, please close the intake and exit valves and notify us as soon as possible so that your system may be repaired.

Solar water heaters save energy as well as money. As the cost of energy rises, a solar water heater is a fantastic way to have access to hot water 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a much lower cost. They are also safer than electric heaters because they are placed on the roof, and they are an excellent way to demonstrate your environmental stewardship.

Because each installation is unique, determining an exact cost is difficult; nevertheless, plumbing materials/fittings and labor may cost approximately Rs 2,500 or more. We may be able to assist you if you require a competent plumber for your piping work.

In this case, if there is no water coming in, there will be no hot water pouring out of the outlet. However, our high-pressure system may operate at both low and high pressures at the same time. How? The drain is connected to the hot water outlet. When there is no pressure coming in, hot water from the main tank begins to flow in gravity from the drain over the same pipe network. You will then have hot water in your showers/baths as usual but with gravity. As soon as your pump is operational again, your system will resume normal operation.

Yes. In that scenario, a survey by our technician is required. Moreover, depending on the change to the metal support, the purchaser may indeed be charged an extra fee.

No, a system that has been self-installed is not covered by our warranty.

No, if you install a water pump on the entrance of the solar water heater (low-pressure) the water output will not be increased and still flow with gravitational force. The only way to have more pressure is to install a hot water pump (0.25HP) on the outlet of the solar water heater. The recommended brand is Teknoflo water pump, special for hot water, which costs around Rs 3,000.

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